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  • Rust

    Discussion about the Rust server (and the game itself)

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  • Thanks very much to Xenon for the new banner for the forums!


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  • Heyo,

    Just letting anyone reading this know: you should join our Discord server! We've got a brand new feature... SeedBot!

    SeedBot is a nifty script I wrote that generates map seeds and posts images of them to the #seeds text channel. Come check it out!

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  • Update 04/17

    Added administrative plugins:

    Admin Radar Combat Logger Death Notes (configured so only admins can view)

    Added back-end plugins:

    Popup Notifications

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  • Update 04/12

    Updated server details

    Changed server name back to " small" Reduced player limit to 50 Finalized wipe schedule: Map will wipe every Friday BPs will wipe the first Friday of each month. Added server banner image:
    0_1523511334061_server banner.png

    Planned changes:

    Custom loading screen text HUD with rules, info

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  • Rust

    The final frontier. This is just a thread for information about the server. Changelogs, updates, etc.

    Current Plugins Bounty Use /bounty for more information Furnace Splitter Night Lantern Only applies to ceiling ligts, lanterns, and tuna can lamps Realtime Wipe Info Updates server description with dates of last and next map/bp wipes RustIO Click [here] to see the server's map in your browser! Tickets Use /ticket create <msg> to get in contact with an admin Wounded Screams Press e to holler

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  • Want to add another layer of security to your account? Visit<your-username-here>/2factor to enable it.

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